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Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion

Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

in the Crazy Wisdom Community Room


The monthly book discussion connects participants through the selection, reading, and discussion of books from Crazy Wisdom Bookstore’s diverse inventory. All book selections will be available at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore at a 30% discount. Discussion is free. Contact 665-2757; email deb@crazywisdom.net or visit the Crazy Wisdom Monthly Book Discussion page on meetup.com.

September 20 •  Eating the Sun by Ella Frances Sanders (who is also the author of Lost in Translation).  Hosted by Deb Flint. This book offers small musings on a vast universe, opening the door for a discussion of life's mysteries.  "Our world is full of unshakable mystery, and although we live in a civilization more complicated than ever, there is beauty and reassurance to be found in knowing how and why"

Oct. 18 • The Big Book of Numerology by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence. Hosted by Deb Flint. This book explains the science behind the ancient mystical art of numerology and why it works. The Big Book of Numerology introduces the reader to their Inner Guidance Numberーa powerful tool for accessing our Inner Knowing- which we will discuss together.


Nov. 15 • The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams by Kayla Ambrose. Hosted by Bill Zirinsky. “Remember your dreams, interpret what they are telling you, and use them to get what you want”. A fun opportunity to discuss dream interpretation and application to our awake life.




Dec. 20 • The Chocolate Cake Sutra: Ingredients for a Sweet Life by Geri Larkin. Hosted by Deb Flint. This book offers a way to let go of perfectionism and celebrate the sacred nature of the life we already have. A very timely topic during the busy holiday season! Take time to join us, discuss priorities, and perhaps indulge in a slice of chocolate cake as we chat!







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