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Live Music Weekends at Crazy Wisdom Tea Room


8:00 to 10:00 p.m. – No Cover Charge


Every Friday and Saturday night Crazy Wisdom invites you to Tea and Tunes. Not a tea drinker? No problem! Crazy Wisdom offer a wide selection of coffee drinks. (while you’re here, don’t forget to try some of our tasty treats as well!)

Friday November 1 – JOEL PALMER

Joel Palmer is a respected Detroit based Singer/Songwriter and guitarist known primarily for his 30’s and 40’s era swing style, with a flair for both blues and folk as well. A trained vocalist, he is able to belt or croon a tune while creating the sound of a small combo with his guitar.For Joel, who performs over six hundred times annually, each show is an adventure in entertainment. With a great respect for every audience, he recognizes their differences and particular interests, giving his all in top-notch performances. Whether providing quiet dinner music or a full blown song and dance cabaret show, Joel handles it with style, always leaving his audience wanting more.



Saturday November 2 – MIKE WARD

Lyric-driven, simple folk songs are what singer-songwriter Mike Ward produces. Currently living in Detroit, Mike grew up listening to the Irish music of the Clancy Brothers and singing in church choirs. His influences are the likes of Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and John Prine. The songs that Mike writes are a combination of stories and life lessons which are still being learned. It turns out that Mike Ward is a pretty common name among singer-songwriters. So to make it easier to find he added Psychosongs. His nickname is PsychoWard—those who have seen him dance or play hockey can affirm its authenticity. Released in 2018, the album "We Wonder" is a collaboration with several extremely talented musicians and engineers from Chicago, Lansing and Detroit. In 2019, Mike has continued to receive recognition from peers as a nominee in four categories of the Detroit Music Awards.



Friday November 8 – PB & J

Join Bobby Pennock, Beverly Meyer and Judy Insley for great music and great fun! These fine songwriters will join in together to support each other songs and show off their brand new tune! Surprises and fun for all, you don't want to miss this!

Bobby Pennock is an accomplished singer/songwriter whose style, albeit unique, is reminiscent of those celebrated folksingers of the 1960s and 70s, like Paul Simon and Harry Chapin (with a heaping helping of The Beatles thrown in), crafting songs that catch you off guard with lines like: "Don’t try to reason – a little thought might give you heed/You don’t need to be wise when pleasing all your wants/By disguising them as needs..." Listening to him perform is like watching a good magician. When it's over, you can't help but ask: How did he do that? Bobby's album, 10,000 Stories, is packed with such lyrical tricks - a blend of humor, caged emotion, suburban zen - delivered innocently enough inside smooth vocals and fetching guitar work. When not performing solo, Bobby can be seen on stages around and about with a band of songwriters known as Taller Than They Appear. He is also available for session work and has added bass, guitar, and vocals to recording projects by several SE Michigan artists. Beverly Meyer: Heartfelt, well-crafted songs, bluesy voice dripping with soul, joy radiates through every performance.

Judy Insley spent her early childhood on 77 acres of sprawling pastures in rural Michigan.  An only child, she spent countless hours exploring her immediate world from the back of her faithful Shetland pony.  Along the way, she developed a great fondness for her surroundings and all the creatures with whom she shared it.  Judy was also consistently drawn to the music emanating from the radio inside the horse barn...and totally mesmerized by anyone strumming a guitar in her presence. Now, as a “seasoned” adult, she still loves to hang out with horses, but also swims with dolphins and cuddles with cats.  She still believes in the inter-connectedness of all things...and in music as a healing unifier. Judy's music has been called "insightful" and "poetic." Her comfortable, instinctive vocals and skillful guitar and mandolin playing provide a strong foundation for heartfelt lyrics and flowing melodies. The release of her 2007 CD, “Leaving Home” resulted in two 2008 Detroit Music Awards nominations for ”Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording” and “Outstanding Acoustic/ Folk Songwriter.” She also finished among the top 30 finalists (out of over 600 entries) in the 2008 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. A 2011 holiday single titled "Spirit of the Season" received generous airplay in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. Her latest full-length CD "Remember Beautiful" was released in May of 2013 to a sell-out crowd at Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, Michigan. Several of the songs from that CD have been featured on Folk DJ playlists throughout the U.S. In addition to her own songwriting and performing endeavors, she also works as a "side player" for other musicians and teaches acoustic guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo and ukulele.





Saturday November 9 – STUART BENBOW

Blending the heart of country music with the rich story telling of folk, and adding a touch of pop to give it some drive, Stuart writes about the world around him.  Raised on music, and taking to instruments at an early age, the acoustic guitar eventually became the primary instrument of choice when crafting or performing songs.

Life- A husband and father of two, a voice over artist and producer by day and a singer-songwriter whenever possible, Stuart was born in Canada, and now lives in the State of Michigan.

Surrounded by many musical friends, music is as much a therapy as it is a calling.




Bring along your voices, instruments and songs and join our monthly Crazy Wisdom Open Mic hosted in turns by two talented and experienced southeast Michigan musicians.  Sign up at 7:30 p.m. with the Open Mic running from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Saturday November 16 – INDIAN MUSIC NIGHT

A monthly tradition that started in 2007, Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali. Every month is a different array of music and musicians ranging from the classical, Hindustani and Carnatic, to more folk and fusion styles like Raga Jazz and Bollywood. You will experience the sounds of a musical tradition that dates back over 2000 years brought to life with traditional Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri, sarod, sitar paired with more traditional western instrumentation like guitar, bass and saxophone. Come early for a seat on one of our most popular nights!




Friday November 22 – Michael Snyder-Barker

Michael Snyder-Barker and Chris Broski formed the Barker & Broski project in 2018 to focus on creating original music. Mike's lyrics have been described as a combination of Frank Zappa and Dr. Seuss, and Chris is happy to follow those words to the strange and wondrous places the music takes him. They frequently perform live around Southeast Michigan using instruments as atypical as their songs: The Zendrum and electric classical guitar.



Saturday November 23 – BEVERLY MEYER

Heartfelt, well-crafted songs, bluesy voice dripping with soul, joy radiates through every performance.




Dave & Kristi have found the magic that happens when two voices share a melody. Kristi’s natural gift for harmony is instantly bringing new life to Dave’s songs. Close, comforting, and warm, Kristi’s voice slips in right beside Dave’s, creating an absolutely beautiful effect. Plus her charming and confident stage presence, along with her quick wit, are adding a whole new appeal to Dave’s shows. Together they have performed at music festivals, listening rooms, and brewpubs from the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula all the way down to Oberlin, Ohio.



Saturday November 30 – CEOLSIGE

Ceolsige (aka Kelsey Detering) is a singer/songwriter and musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although pulling from many genres, nothing means more to her than rock n’ roll. In addition to her powerful voice, she is also a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist. Weaving classic influences such as the Beatles and Mozart with more modern indie rock tones, she channels a plethora of sounds to generate her own. Ceolsige [see-ole-sidge] is the Old English derivation of “Kelsey” and roughly translates to “ship’s victory.”




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