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Live Music Weekends at Crazy Wisdom Tea Room


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Every Friday and Saturday night Crazy Wisdom invites you to Tea and Tunes. Not a tea drinker? No problem! Crazy Wisdom offer a wide selection of coffee drinks. (while you’re here, don’t forget to try some of our tasty treats as well!)

Friday August 31 – STEVE KOVICH

Steve Kovich is a singer/songwriter frequently seen performing in local coffeehouses and at various farmer/artisan markets in the area. His guitar style has been highly influenced by the likes of James Taylor and Paul Simon and his song selection is an eclectic mix of originals and cover songs that are sure to please listeners of all ages. Steve was one of the two headline performers at the 2011 Open Stage Showcase at THE ARK in Ann Arbor.



Saturday September 1 – BILLY JOE HUNT

Billy Joe Hunt is a singer songwriter ordinarily from Ypsilanti, now calling Jackson his home. His songs are about friends, family and the many characters he’s encountered along the way while looking through the windshield of an 18 wheeler. Some are toe tappers, others are tear jerkers. all in the traditions of folk and blues.



Friday September 7 – GEORGE HERETIER

I’ve worn many musical hats during my more-than-four decades of playing professionally, including rock, folk, blues, bluegrass, country and even a little jazz, but my heart is ultimately centered in American roots music in its myriad variations. I sing and I play acoustic 6 & 12-string guitars, harmonica and electric bass. I write songs about anything that catches my attention, often with a humorous twist, and I “borrow” from songwriters I admire and from the old traditional songbook, making those songs my own. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to open for the likes of Spooky Tooth, Ten Years After (both of those at the tender age of 17, at Detroit’s legendary Grande Ballroom), Bob Seger, Iggy and the Stooges and Delbert McClinton.



Saturday September 8 – MARK JEWETT & TIM MONGER

Mark Jewett is a Detroit area singer-songwriter. His work has been twice recognized by American Songwriter Magazine (2015 and 2017 Lyrics Contests) and twice by the For Song Sake Songwriting Challenge as (2013 and 2012). His listeners have noted similarities in his songwriting and delivery styles to a variety of artists, including Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Jesse Winchester, Slaid Cleaves, Nick Lowe, and Michael Franks. While his music tends to defy any strict genre definition, you are likely to hear influences from folk, rock and pop to country and blues if you listen closely. After decades of experience in bands as a singing bassist, he released a solo EP in 2011 and followed up the full length album, "Tending The Fire", in 2016.

Michigan-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Timothy Monger first established himself as co-founder of seminal Ann Arbor folk-rock outfit Great Lakes Myth Society. In the mid-00's the band earned a cult following rendering detailed art-pop with British folk undertones and a distinctly Midwestern rock sensibility. Concurrently, Monger's solo career extended as a natural outgrowth with the lush chamber pop of 2004's Summer Cherry Ghosts to the more rustic tonality of 2011's The New Britton Sound. His third album, Amber Lantern, melds subtle synth textures with elements of psych, folk, and jangling power pop.




Friday September 14 – MIKE GENTRY

“Here’s what is going to happen. You’re going to meet a man with long hair, an old guitar and a lifetime of experiences artfully woven into timeless songs. He will guilelessly convince you to suspend your reservations, and before long his perceptive and poignant stories will resound with your own, and you will have met a friend. Mike Gentry is what they used to call a troubadour, and his performance will be a source of genuine musical enjoyment. ” ~ Dave Solo

Mike Gentry’s love for music kicked in early in life. He credits Elvis Presley with being his first musical influence. Mike began playing guitar while attending Dexter High School and fronted the local bands Max and True Story. In 1986 he moved to Hollywood to study at the Guitar Institute of Technology/Musicians Institute, where he learned his craft first-hand from Paul Gilbert, Keith Wyatt, Tommy Tedesco, Howard Roberts, and other luminaries.



Saturday September 15 – INDIAN MUSIC NIGHT

A monthly tradition that started in 2007, Indian Music Night is a fun, cozy evening of music curated by local tabla player John Churchville with the members of Ann Arbor based Indian fusion group Sumkali. Every month is a different array of music and musicians ranging from the classical, Hindustani and Carnatic, to more folk and fusion styles like Raga Jazz and Bollywood. You will experience the sounds of a musical tradition that dates back over 2000 years brought to life with traditional Indian instruments like the tabla, bansuri, sarod, sitar paired with more traditional western instrumentation like guitar, bass and saxophone. Come early for a seat on one of our most popular nights!




Friday September 21 – JAMES HENES

From metal head to singer/ songwriter James Henes has had a musical journey that has crossed vast genres of the world’s one universal language. Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Led Zepplin to Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Rage Against the Machine, Matchbox20 , Ryan Adams, Ben Harper to Jason Isbel, Jamey Johnson, and the Drive By Truckers have all lent a hand in the inspiration that fuels a James Henes song. Armed with an open book policy on lyrics, James Henes, wearing his heart on his sleeve shows honesty that counters the contrived songs of the day. James Henes believes in one rule when it comes to writing a song…whatever will help to tell the story will become part of the song…be emotive



Saturday September 22 – PHIL MCMILLION WSG


Phil McMillion is an Ann Arbor based singer/songwriter whose style is very eclectic. He tends to gravitate towards folk and blues, but dabbles in many other genres. He writes about many subjects and often throws a little humor in the mix. Phil's 2015 album, "I'm On Fire", demonstrates a wide variety in styles and instruments, with smooth lead vocals and harmony. Phil is adept at mimicry and often will ham it up playing a few covers. Phil also plays with the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor band "The Parsnips", mainly playing percussion and whatever else is needed.




Friday September 28 – KATHY WEILAND

“Singing, playing music and songwriting, have enriched my life greatly.” Finally retired from her day job, Kathy is thrilled to have more time for writing songs and making music.

She wrote her first song, “Good Cuppa Coffee” in the 90’s. “A Woman Who’s Aged” followed, and shortly after that the duo “Katseye” was formed with good friend, Kathy Gravlin. Before disbanding in 2014 they produced two CD’s, “He Thinks I’m Good Lookin’” in 2005 and “Makin Lemonade” in 2013. Kathy has performed at many Michigan venues as well as autoharp/dulcimer festivals over the years.



Saturday September 29 – ED SCRUGGS

Ed Scruggs is a familiar face on the local open mic scene. He can be seen around the area almost any night of the week. He’s best known for taking songs that you think you know and singing them in his own way. Ed's voice of soulful gravel is often compared to those of Harry Chapin, Tom Waits and Richie Havens. As one DJ put it, "He sings folk music with an attitude." He will sing the songs of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, and others.

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