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Covid 19 update - We're sorry, but we aren't currently accepting books from local authors.


Thank you for your interest in adding your book to Crazy Wisdom’s inventory.  Because we are a small independent bookstore with limited space, we are unable to carry all of the local books we are approached about on a regular basis. However, we find that the easiest way to determine what books will sell is to let the books speak for themselves. To this end, Crazy Wisdom offers the opportunity for local authors to provide us with a complimentary copy of your book to be put on our shelves for a period of six months. If the book sells during that time, Crazy Wisdom will pay you for the book at the industry standard 40% discount (you will receive 60% of the book’s retail price, Crazy Wisdom will keep 40%).  If/when the book sells, you will be sent a check and Crazy Wisdom will reorder the book, typically in limited quantities of one or two. If the book does not sell during the six month period, it will be removed from our inventory and donated to a local charity. If you would like your unsold book back you will be responsible for following up with Crazy Wisdom to retrieve it before the six month period ends.


Crazy Wisdom will only accept books that meet the following criteria:


• Books must have an ISBN and retail price printed on the book

• Books must be accompanied by an invoice that includes the author’s name, mailing address, phone number and email. The invoice must also include the date, indicate the book’s retail price and 40% discounted price. Please note: the invoice is for record keeping purposes only. A check will be mailed for the book only if the book sells.

For more info Contact Sarah Newland at sarah@craywisdom.net


Many authors are also interested in setting up author events for their books. As previously mentioned, Crazy Wisdom is approached on a very regular basis by authors and therefore we are unable to host events for the multitude of authors who ask. In general, Crazy Wisdom hosts author events for nationally published authors, and considers local author events based on subject matter, author’s ties to the Crazy Wisdom community and the book’s success.


You are welcome to drop off a copy of your book along with an invoice at our front counter during store hours. Books not accompanied by an invoice will not be considered. You may call the store at 734-665-2757 to check sales of your book.  If you have any questions you may contact Grace Story, grace@crazywisdom.net



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