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Community Room Booking and Publicity FAQs


Due to the many questions that invariably arise regarding rental of the Crazy Wisdom Community Room, we have replaced our Community Room Policy with the below FAQs in an attempt to more thoroughly explain the room rental procedure and its relationship to The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal and store-related publicity. For further details about publicity services, please review the Practitioner Packet available online and at the front counter at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.


What is included in the rental of the Crazy Wisdom Community Room?

The Crazy Wisdom Community Room is available for rent for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours at a rate of $16 per hour ($40). Rates are half off before 6 p.m. on weekdays. This rate includes the space and tables and chairs that are already set up in the room, a lectern, and a limited number of folding chairs that are stored in the community room closet. One or two additional folding tables may be available with advance notice. The community room rental does not include any publicity, but there are some free publicity options available to practitioners.


Is there any multimedia equipment available for use?

For an additional fee of $18, a digital projector and screen are available for rent during your event.  They are available to rent separately for $9 apiece. Rental of this equipment MUST be made at the time the room is booked and payment is due when the community room booking payments are due. Equipment cannot be rented the day of the event.


Are there any other materials available for use?

Unfortunately there are no other materials available for use in the community room. Practitioners are responsible for coming prepared with any additional materials they may need that are not listed above.

Bulky items or equipment (audio-video equipment, meditation props, musical instruments, boxes of books, etc.) may be carried up our backstairs or brought up on our elevator.  Equipment and supplies must not be brought up our beautiful front mahogany staircase.



When is payment due for my rental?

After you have reserved a time with Sarah Newland, a check for 50% of the full amount of the rental must be received within one week by cash, check or credit card. The date(s) you have booked the meeting room MUST appear on all checks.  If your payment is not received within one week, the reservation cannot be held. This first 50% deposit is not refundable.

The remaining 50% of the rental amount is due one month before your reserved time.  If your second check is not received one month before your reserved time, your reservation cannot be held and your first deposit will be lost.  If you need to cancel your event and it is at least one month before your reserved time, the second payment of 50% will not be due.  Once you have made that second 50% payment, it is also not refundable. All community room payments are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


How many people can fit into the community room?

Our community room has comfortable seating for 13, and an additional 15 stacking chairs that can be arranged as you would like.


I would like to rent the space for an all day workshop from 9 am – 5 pm, is this possible?

You are welcome to rent the community room for whatever length of time you need, for the rate of $16/hr. However, our room is available for rent starting half an hour after we open, and all workshops should end at least fifteen minutes before closing. Rental times must include the time it will take you to set up the room and put it back in the order it was found.  Each group is responsible for returning all furniture to its standard position and to remove all trash or other items at the end of their event.  We cannot rent the room again to any group that fails to do so.


The community room is available for rent the following times:

Monday-Thursday: 11:30 am - 8:45 pm

Friday: 11:30 am - 10:45 pm*

Saturday: 10:30 am – 10:45 pm*

Sunday: 12:30 pm – 7:45 pm


*Please note: we have live music in our tea room every Friday and Saturday night from 8:30 – 10:30. While this generally does not interfere with community room events, you may want to reconsider your event time if you are planning on doing a meditation or otherwise require quiet space.


I would like to rent the space for a weekly workshop for the next four months. Can I do this?

We would like to make our community room available for rent to a wide variety of groups.  Therefore, we have divided the year into three trimesters: January through April, May through August, and September through December.  A group may rent our meeting room up to a total of 8 morning and afternoon times, and 8 evening times during each of these trimesters.  (Evening time is after 6 p.m.)


I would like to rent the community room for a baby shower. Is it available for parties?

The community room is primarily intended for use by groups holding bookstore-related talks, classes and workshops, but we welcome other inquiries.  If you are interested in renting the community room for a special occasion such as a baby or bridal shower, a birthday party, office party, or other celebration, different rental rates apply.  The rental rate is a $60 flat rate for up to 4 hours.  The tea room is unable to accommodate special food orders for special events but you are welcome to have your event catered or prepared food of your choice brought in.


I called the store yesterday to book the room but haven't heard back. I need to book the room ASAP!

Thank you for your interest in booking the Crazy Wisdom Community Room. The room can only be booked through the bookstore manager, who is not always immediately available to book the room when it is requested. She also does not accept community room bookings and inquiries over weekends due to high customer traffic at the store. We ask that practitioners trust that they will be contacted when the bookstore manager is able to discuss with them their interest in booking the room and answer any questions they may have. Therefore, we ask that practitioners plan accordingly and do not assume they will make contact immediately when attempting to book the room.


New practitioners are encouraged to read through the FAQs and Practitioner Packet before contacting the store to book the room, as there is a multitude of information in these documents that will answer most questions.


Practitioners are welcome to ask the counter staff to check the availability of dates they are interested in booking, but please remember that the bookstore manager is the only one who can book dates. This will help to streamline the process. Practitioners are also encouraged to email the bookstore manager with their requested dates, as well as alternative date options: sarah@crazywisdom.net


I was looking at the online calendar and noticed the date I would like to book is open. Can I book it?

The online calendar shows the events that take place for the current Crazy Wisdom Community Journal period, which means it only reflects bookings for a four-month period of time.  Also, practitioners book the room throughout each calendar period and may or may not choose to advertise their events online. Therefore, it is best not to assume that a date is available based on the online calendar. Please call the store or email the bookstore manager to confirm open dates.


May I charge participants to come to my event?

You are welcome to charge participants whatever you feel is appropriate for your event. However, please keep in mind that cost may deter some people from attending so it may be helpful to review what other practitioners are charging for events before determining what to charge.


Do you take care of registration for my event?

Because you are renting the community room from Crazy Wisdom, you are the host of your event. Therefore, you will be responsible for all aspects of the event, including publicity, registration, and collecting money for any charges you are applying for participation. You are also responsible for making sure the room is put back in the order it was when you arrived.


Can the tea room provide food and beverages for my event?

The tea room is unable to cater events that take place in the community room. However, participants are welcome to purchase food and beverage from the tea room for consumption during events.

Please note: Tea room staff members routinely enter the community room to give participants food and beverages they have ordered. If you do not want your event interrupted by tea room staff, please make an announcement to your participants to retrieve tea room orders themselves, and let the tea room staff know before your event starts that you do not want staff interrupting the event. Practitioners are also welcome to bring in outside food and beverages for participants.


I would like to reschedule my community room date. Can I apply my payment to a future booking?

All payments for community room rental are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please only book the community room when you are confident that you do not have any conflicts that will require you to cancel the date.


No one showed up for my workshop. Can I get a refund?

As stated, all payments for community room rental are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Crazy Wisdom is not responsible for attendance, or lack thereof, of community room events and practitioners should not rely solely on Crazy Wisdom publicity services to publicize their events. In addition to pursuing Crazy Wisdom publicity services, practitioners are encouraged to generate publicity through their own email lists and networks, as well as through local media. For example, if ten participants show up for your event, seven of them will likely come from your own personal network. More information about Crazy Wisdom publicity services and local media sources is available by clicking on the Practitioner Packet.


What kind of publicity is included with rental of the community room?

Renting the community room does not include any publicity. All free and fee-based publicity services offered by Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal are the responsibility of the practitioner to pursue.  However, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our free calendar listing service available through the journal.  Learn more by clicking on the Calendar Form link.


Why should I submit a free calendar form to The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal for my community room event?

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is the leading holistic resource guide in southeast Michigan. With over 10,000 copies of this free tri-annual publication being distributed to over 190 places locally and regionally, you will reach a diverse population at no cost to you!

When you submit a free calendar form, if you answer 'YES' to booking the community room for your event, your event will automatically appear in the following places: in-store flyers the month of the event, our online calendar, our weekly email newsletter to over 3,000 email subscribers the week of the event, and our daily event board the day of the event. All from correctly submitting a calendar form!


I would like to promote my community room events in The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. How far in advance should I book the room so the events will appear in the journal?

The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal is published three times a year, each issue spanning a four month period: January-April, May-August, and September-December. Calendar forms for events that take place during each period are due six weeks prior to the publication date of the  issue. The calendar form deadline and paid advertising deadline always appear on the Table of Contents page of the current issue of the journal.  Many practitioners use the community room for a variety of events and most are publicized in the journal. Therefore, in order to secure your first choice dates for your events, you are strongly encouraged to book the room a month or more before the calendar form deadline. It is recommended that you book even earlier if you are planning on securing multiple dates for an ongoing workshop (ie: the second Tuesday of every month).

Please note: Community room bookings are done through the bookstore manager who may not be immediately available to book the room when contacted. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all bookings that are to appear in the upcoming issue be made one week prior to the calendar form deadline at the very latest. Otherwise, they risk not being included in the upcoming issue. It is the responsibility of the practitioner to be prepared and plan ahead. No exceptions will be made for practitioners who book at the last minute.


I would like to schedule an event to take place before the next issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal comes out. Does Crazy Wisdom offer any services that will help publicize it?

When you book the community room for an event that takes place before the printing of the next issue of The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, you will be sent a special online event form that will allow you to submit event information so it may appear in the in-store and online publicity mentioned above. Practitioners are responsible for submitting the online event form in order for their events to be publicized, and are encouraged to review our online calendar shortly after submitting the information to ensure it has been posted correctly. Practitioners can also buy an email service ad to promote their event individually. For more information, click on the Email Service link.


My event did not appear properly in Crazy Wisdom's publicity. Can I get a refund for my event?

Because community room bookings do not include publicity, mistakes made in the publicity of your event do not entitle you to a refund or credit for your community room booking. As stated, practitioners are responsible for generating their own publicity and should not rely solely on Crazy Wisdom's free publicity services to generate interest in their events.

Practitioners are encouraged to review The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal and the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore online calendar shortly after the journal is printed to ensure information about their events is publicized properly. This will allow any mistakes to be corrected before appearing in subsequent Crazy Wisdom-generated publicity.

Please note: Most mistakes that appear in Crazy Wisdom-generated publicity are due to practitioner error.  Be sure to proofread all event submissions for inaccuracies before submission, and submit in a timely manner.


I submitted my calendar form on time but I see it's not listed on the online calendar. What happened?

Depending on when you checked the calendar, it may be that the calendar has not yet been updated with current events. Because the many community room events must be input onto the online calendar by hand, they will appear on the online calendar several days after the publication of the printed journal. If the journal just came out, please check the online calendar again in a week.

If the journal has been out awhile and you see that your event is not listed on the online calendar, please check the listing in the journal to see if it notes that your event is taking place at Crazy Wisdom. Only events that are listed as taking place at Crazy Wisdom will appear on the online calendar. Practitioners are responsible for answering 'Yes' on the calendar form when asked if the room has been rented for their event. Otherwise the event will not be listed correctly and will not receive in-store publicity. To have omitted information added to our online calendar, email Sarah@crazywisdom.net.


My event was not listed in the weekly email newsletter. Can you send out a separate email to publicize my event?

As stated, practitioners are encouraged to review their listings in both The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal and our online calendar shortly after the journal is printed. Any mistakes to listings should be communicated to us within a couple of weeks of the journal publication so future publicity, which includes the weekly email newsletter, can be modified accordingly.

Please note: Inclusion in our weekly email newsletter is a part of Crazy Wisdom's free publicity service, which is sometimes subject to error. Crazy Wisdom does not offer reimbursement for mistakes made in any of our free publicity.



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